Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unreliable Sources

Cupie Doll Photo! (Wind storm)
The weather outside has been absolutely frightening for nearly a week!  Today was the first time since last Tuesday that the parents' have left the house. My sister and I have created a no ice policy.  Last Friday morning, APR went out to feed the cats, slipped.  We don't need a broken hip.  When he stays home for more than a few days at a time, he gets bored and cranky.  Today was a cranky day.

We have daily questions/phone calls on the following subjects:
  1. Do you have any checks.  I need a few.  (He's not going to get any, either)
  2. I need the tax bills so I can look through them.  (They're paid, he's seen them, he's not getting the original - he will lose them - and that's not the Alzheimer's)
  3. I need a credit card.  (He maxed his out and I'm trying to pay it down)
  4. Why won't you let me drive. (Insurance purposes)
  5. Is the checking account overdrawn?  (No, that's why you don't get a check.  The last time he had one he wrote a check of $1800 and told us a week later!)
  6. Can I have copies of the tax bills?  (I don't have time to copy them.  The excuse works).
  7. I need a check.
  8. I need to see the tax bills.
  9. What about my credit card.
He has one set of questions he asks me, and another he asks my mother.  I don't think he's started on Cathy.  Other than that, he's doing good.  He's up on the latest news. All in all he's doing fairly well for an 87 year old!

For the people we do business with on a fairly regular basis, we tell them what is going on.  Most people are so nice about it.

Today the constant questions were a little much.  I was trying to do a car-pool thing with Rumsfeld and Doc Holiday.  I was running late. Had to get to the beauty shop.  Had to drive down to Glencoe to pick up mail.  So, I hung up on his, twice.  He was really ticked, told my mother so, twice.

This is so hard for them both.  She is exhausted, quite upset at times.  I'm learning that you need to be a bit cold-blooded.  It's no fun.

ABOUT THE PHOTO:  I showed it to Leroy today on my iPhone.  He thought I was terrible to have taken it.  There was a tremendous amount of wind.  APR was sitting there, looking like a little Cupie Doll. Naturally I had to send a copy of it to my sister.