Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a Glass Full of Sugar Water Makes....?

APR & Princess Sadie 
Last week my father wanted some orange juice.  Maggie was mixing sugar water for the humming birds.  You know the rest of the story.  Well...he didn't like Maggie's orange juice.  It was just too sweet.  He was more coherent that day than he had been, for ages.  Is there a connection?

I remember when eggs were evil, coconut oil was from hell, red meat was not to be touched, and carbs were perfect. Give it five years, and sugar will no longer be the evil one. The food police will have a new target.

if you are dealing with Alzheimer's, sugar - evil, white, filthy, perverted sugar is a gift from the gods. So is caffeine. Put them together and the person who is sundowning gets a spurt of energy that makes the mind work - just a little better. It takes about 20 minutes with my father. Last week, he consumed a glass of sugar water which he thought was orange juice. The sugar water was intended for the hummingbirds. It was the most lucid day we've had in months. Before the food police began condemning me, he's 90 years old. We will do just about anything to get his brain working for a time. The Alzheimer's brain disparately needs it.

Excess is a problem, with anything. Seriously, I do think the war on sugar, and extreme control of it with people who are 'pre-diabetic' are going to end up doing more harm than good for those who could be prone to AD. The brain literally needs sugar to function. It is energy. In the UK they are experimenting with caffeine in mice with AD. Caffeine injections are literally repairing damaged brain tissue. There are a number of families who are dealing with AD who are finding the disease needs to be fought on a nutritional level. We were very pro-active when we discovered my father's AD, to the point where we have been able to delay the onset of the worst of the disease for several years. We're in Stage 6, now so it is a mote point. We do, though experiment with sugar with him.

When my father was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic 15 yrs ago, my mother became the food police. Everything he put in his mouth was monitored. We noticed a change in his blood sugar levels about 3 yrs ago, to the point where he can drink the 'orange juice' and his daily medication take care of it.

What if all the monitoring, and keeping a person off evil, white sugar might cause greater harm than good by not allowing the brain to have the energy it needed to survive?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rain in San Patricio Falls Mainly on the Sofa?

On the 'new' patio, just hours before the infamous rain storm!  

Two weeks ago, Sunday, we had one of those huge, rare rains.  Having been in drought conditions, we made up for much of it in about 24 hours.  That night we had about 5 inches.  Naturally, the porch leaked like a sieve.  The last time we had even more than that - 8 inches in a night, was about 7 years ago, when everything flooded.  The parents' had not closed in the porch at that time.  I was staying down with them that weekend.  My mother is dealing with a flare up of her Sciatic nerve, and is in agony.  (It's doing better).  So, Runs and I were down there, so she could take some pain meds and not worry about APR. 

The storm started about midnight.  Naturally Rums needed to bark at the thunder - all night long.  My mother had not believed me about the little monster and his barking at the thunder.  She does now.  I was tired.  The sofas on the porch are wonderful.  The lightening was a spectacular show that night.  I wanted to sleep one of the sofas and watch the lightening over the mountains. 

Forget that.




I put a pan where I was sitting, and went back to the other room and gave up, turned on reruns of I Love Lucy, then the early news.  I put few pans in other places, but missed on on the other sofa.  The rain continued well into the morning, turning everything into England green.  The previous day it had been New Mexico dead and dying.  It now looks like Jamaica!

Later in the morning, after Maggie arrived, I was in the kitchen with my mother.  So was Maggie.  APR, now dressed for the day, comes into the kitchen.  He's now wearing pull-on Depends.  Doesn't phase him in the least.  He just stands there, looking at my mother.

"My pants are wet and I didn't do it.  I sat on the sofa where it had leaked."

You know, you just gotta' laugh.  It was funny.

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