Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Good Christmas

The one good thing about dealing with what we are, is that we know our time is limited.  Today is probably the last real Christmas we will have with APR.  We know that, and planned accordingly.  Funny, I was dreading it.  Instead, it turned out to be one of the best we've had.  Cathy drove in, with Juan and his two nephews, neither of whom spoke much in the way of English.  She brought BBQ with her from the BBQ Shop there in Memphis!  Who needs turkey when you have Memphis BBQ! APR devoured his ribs, trust me. 

The night before, Cathy picked up pizza.  He loves pizza.  What was so cute is the way he perks up when company arrives.  He chatted away with Juan's nephews, who knew the score, not that they understood a word he was saying.  He just had a great day. 

By 7PM, he was exhausted, heading to bed.  Then, like a little kid, he was up, wanting dessert.  Later, that night, while Cathy was watching a movie, he managed to get up and sneak out, into 20 degree weather, to try and close the gate.  That's the scary part. 

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