Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's My Party

5/10/12 Rachel, Grandfather, and (not visible yet) Baby Cate!
What a miserable party for the ultimate Birthday Boy!  Ruidoso was hit by a massive fire, the worst natural disaster in the state's history, with nearly 250 homes. So many of the people who were to attend the party were unable to do so.  Cathy and Dustin did not get in until the morning of.  Things were so bad, the smoke was so bad, we would not let SJFR outside during the party.

My Durango was in the shop.  All of his birthday presents were in the back.  He was very upset because he did not get anything for his birthday.  I managed to get my car back on the 15, so I did some quick shopping for his birthday and Father's Day.

I met the parents' at The Great Wall for lunch on Father's Day, bringing with me a load of "presents".  I soon discovered it was like dealing with a little kid.  I've learned what worked better than other things, so that I took him cowboy books, a portable shoe-shine kit, and little things.  It helped - lots.

At least he's still reading his cowboy books.

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