Friday, August 31, 2012

Hondo Kitty R. I. P.

Hondo Kitty 1999 - 2012
Cathy was here for the anniversary, which was a decidedly more muted affair than it was a year ago.  When I called to check on the parents this morning, APR told me that my mother was upset because the dogs killed Hondo.

I figured he was not firing on all thrusters. 
Why hadn't anyone called me?

He couldn't find her.  She was in the garage hanging up laundry.  Yes, a pair of neighbors' dogs had killed Hondo the night before.  Fortunately, Cathy and Juan were still there.  Juan dug a grave for Hondo, there with the other family members in the little cemetery. 

Hondo barged his way into their lives in the summer of 2000, when they bought the Gene Green House.  He was a full grown cat, then, so he had to be at least 13 or 14.  

Everyone, including Sadie and the other cats went through a serious mourning period for him.  The parents are so upset.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Faith, Hope, & a Couple Cute Doggies

APR, Sadie, and Rumsfeld
I sent part of this to a friend tonight. 

The reason Paul had the thorn in his side was because it was to  keep him humble.  What if the trials and tribulations some of us go through as Christians is not "breaking" but that old thorn in the side?

What if the biggest hang-ups in our lives - via unanswered prayer - are those thorns?

I am reading the most incredible book on the role of women and the church.

Christ told the male that he was to protect and cherish his wife as Christ did the church - in other words, die for her, be tortured for her, give everything for her....

That works for me.

What is so wonderful about my father, he may not know if he is to go to church tomorrow, but he is still firing on all thrusters with his faith.  He looked at me....  "And you think that is a revelation...any man who is married knows that the wife comes first, no matter what..."  It was said a bit sarcastically, with just a bit of that humor he still has

This week I have noticed that APR is quite with it when it comes to matters of faith. The other day I was talking to him on the phone.  MD asked if I would talk to him.  He was having a "bad" day.  She wanted to see if I noticed if he was comprehending as badly as she thought he was.  Got on the phone, had a fantastic visit about the Lord.  He came up with a line that surprised and shocked me.  I want to use it as a title for a book.  "You know, the Devil is deceptive." 

What a book title!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UPDATED: Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Left to Right:  Paris, David, APR, Uncle P, Jim

Monday morning my mother called.  "Your father is getting dressed to go outside.  He has put on his coat and hat.  He swears it is very cold outside."

It was about 96 outside.  She talked him out of the coat and hat.  He went outside to feed the deer.  She made him come in, it was just too hot.  This was all in the same ten minute conversation that included her telling him that it was too hot to wear the coat!

She called last night.  We were talking.  I heard her tell him it was time to go put on his pajamas so he could go to bed.  "No, you have on your t-shirt and your pants."

"Those aren't my pajamas?"

"I've laid out your pajamas.  Go put them on."

She noticed the look he gave her.  "I swear he knows what he is doing and is just trying to antagonize me."

According to my sister, that may be exactly what he is doing, at times.  Seems he told her he likes to do things that will cause her to worry about him.  "She needs something to worry about!"

Little stinker!

That's the problem.  We aren't quite sure just what is the Alzheimer's, his hearing loss, and just being 88 years old.  My sister thinks it is a mixture of all three.  I'm inclined to agree with her.


MD called this morning.  "I told your father to go out to the garage and bring in the electric griddle."  He did.  He washed it for her.  "Do you want me to wash the chord!"  She said she shrieked, told him no.  He looked her.  "Thought that would get you!"

So, some of this is for effect!  Now, we just need to know which is which.

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