Friday, August 31, 2012

Hondo Kitty R. I. P.

Hondo Kitty 1999 - 2012
Cathy was here for the anniversary, which was a decidedly more muted affair than it was a year ago.  When I called to check on the parents this morning, APR told me that my mother was upset because the dogs killed Hondo.

I figured he was not firing on all thrusters. 
Why hadn't anyone called me?

He couldn't find her.  She was in the garage hanging up laundry.  Yes, a pair of neighbors' dogs had killed Hondo the night before.  Fortunately, Cathy and Juan were still there.  Juan dug a grave for Hondo, there with the other family members in the little cemetery. 

Hondo barged his way into their lives in the summer of 2000, when they bought the Gene Green House.  He was a full grown cat, then, so he had to be at least 13 or 14.  

Everyone, including Sadie and the other cats went through a serious mourning period for him.  The parents are so upset.

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