Friday, November 15, 2013

The New Facts of Life

I wonder where they were?
We took APR off his Alzheimer's meds  last week.  My mother has been saying how dull he looks, how he can barely make it through breakfast without falling asleep.  It's such a problem that it is difficult to do anything with him in the mornings.  Right after breakfast, he must nap.  Then he dresses, naps again.

I don't mind admitting I had a meltdown over the cost of the medication.  Our cost, for a 30 day supply of one of is medications was nearly $375!  No way I could afford it that day.  A few weeks earlier, my mother's cardiologist had a fit when he discovered that Walgreens was giving her the most expensive generic, the one he did not order, in order to make more money.  They were charging $75 for something that should be $18!   After that, you think I'm going to trust them?

That night, I started doing a little digging.  I discovered that the pharma company was big into meds for various psych disorders and ADHD.  And - the med he was taking for Alz. was being used to treat hyperactive kids.  I started researching and discovered it was primarily used for control, drugging, and basically containing the patient.

Forget that. 

Within three days his eyes were brighter.  Sure, he's a little hyper, but he's engaged with the world, in his own little orbit.  Once in awhile his orbit is the same as ours.  But - he doesn't have that vacant look about him. 

Just what were we doing to him, anyway?

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