Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keying the Pick-Up Truck

Parents and Rumsfeld Dec. 28
We were in the ER today for about 3 hours with my mother.  No sign of congestive heart  failure, pneumonia, nothing bad.   They're putting her on steroids for  6 days for her cough.

She has had this miserable cough since November.  Needs to get rid of it.  One reason she's not sleeping well is because she worries so much about APR getting up while she's asleep.  So far, he's doing okay that way.

Still, she worries.....

I am soooo glad we went.  Dr. Whitty (he won't take any of her crap)  gave her a lecture on pain. Said the basic problem is the extreme pain  she is in for her back, fibro, and osteop.  Just let her have it  because she won't take Tylenol, or anything.

Said she's not sleeping because of the pain, which doesn't help her  breathing, which doesn't help her at all!

I felt like doing a na na na na na!  I did do the I TOLD YOU SO.

So, now we start dealing with the pain - I hope.

APR was fuzzy.  I don't know if it is the Alz. or his hearing.  We go  tomorrow to get hearing aids (again).    He's had a rough week.  I  think there is some cognitive slipping.  We're noticing that he's 
eating like a person does when they get old.  Wanting to share, not  taking full portions, leaving food.  It is part of Alz.  But, when  people hit a certain age they do that.  I'm suspecting age.

We're on a playback loop:
Did you pay the taxes?
Yes - I have the receipts.
Where did you get the money?
I used you checking account.
Do I have money in it?
Sure do.
How do you know?
Bank statement and checking it online.
Do you remember the name of the banker I used?
I want to call and see what I have in my checking account.
I check it online.
Have you paid the real estate taxes?
And there was enough money to pay them?
Your mother says we should let you do all the business.
I know, I'm organized and you aren't.
Okay.... and he is satisfied (until tomorrow, when the same question 
is asked)

Other than the money thing, and directions, APR's not bad.  When Dustin was here Thanksgiving, they were out playing with the old pick-up truck.  My father lost the keys.  The other day, he was going outside to "play" with Robert (yard guy).  He went to put on his workshoes - low and behold, there were the keys.

I remembered, when in SC, when he would come in for lunch or something, he would go in through the basement, and leave his wallet, keys on the chess table.  There were times when he would drop them in his shoes so that he would remember them!

We do go through a list of who is and isn't alive.  It is hard on my mother, especially when he keeps asking about his parents and his brother, but I told her she's going to need to get tough about it.  I can say that.  I'm not in her shoes.

So, yes, the taxes have been payed, the check didn't bounce, and I have the receipts!