Thursday, October 6, 2011


Trolling for Candy!
There is a dramatic change in my father when he is all sugared up!  We've discovered when he starts lagging a little, we hit him with some sugar, serious sugar, coffee, this sort of thing, and give him 45 minutes.  He perks up like crazy.

So, my mother decided to get him chocolate. 

That's where the problem is.  Whatever my father eats, Sadie eats.  She's in serious need of a diet, BTW.  If she's not careful, she won't be able to fit into her adorable new pink hoodie.   Well, every time APR hits the candy dish for chocolate, we are terrified he is going to give something to Sadie.  The other day my mother finally put up the chocolate.

He's doing fairly well.  I do think there is a difference with the B-12 shots.  We're having some short term replay, but not bad.  It is surprising how well he is doing.  There are times when he is driving my mother crazy.  She frets, constantly.  At night, he goes around checking all the doors, unlocking them!  I suggested she unlock them, then when he checks them, he locks them.  Last week, she had me take him with me to do some errands.  He wanted to nap while I was in the grocery store.  If she had known, I would have been in trouble.  I get all the way around to the veggies and he comes in, knows where I am, no problems!

I have this terrible feeling we're not giving him enough credit for things.  Jeff McClough warned me about this.  I've been so frantic about other things in life, I've not paid much attention to it.  I must start doing better.

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