Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Foggy Day in Hondo Town

Birthday Boy, June 11, 2012
We need to face the fact that APR is failing.  This morning, he thought it was still evening.  He argued with MD over putting oil in his new lawn mower.  It is just one thing after another.  He must now be followed.  She can't let him out of her sight.  The responsibility is beginning to show, take its toll on her.

When we were in Tombstone, she rested.  I couldn't get over the difference in her appearance.  Now that we're back home, she's exhausted, again.

I feel so sorry for her.  You don't know what to do.

When he needs to go to the bathroom when he's out - she must make sure there is no other way out.  Big challenge.

He does better when he's slept, eaten well, and has some mental stimulation.  He doesn't follow television well.  There are times when he is in his own world.  Not having hearing aids makes it much worse.

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