Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brother Where Are You

Gram, a Cute Merchant Marine, and PWR II
The saddest thing to deal with is the fact that there is a short-term loop that is missing.  APR doesn't remember deaths of people.  He has grasped the death of Nana and Grandy, but not Donna or his family.  He calls, me looking for his brother, thinking that he's calling my cousin, Sarah.  He asks about his brother. 

What's going on with the family? 
Why isn't anyone getting in touch with him?
Are they avoiding him?
What about his mother?  Is she still in Florida?  Is anyone taking care of her?

You don't really know what to do.  Do you go with reality or just let him think that he's being left out in the cold by his family?  I wish we knew what to do.

So far, I think this is the worst thing we've encountered.  He's hurting so badly, because he thinks his parents and brother don't care about him.  

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