Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in San Patricio

You Be the Judge!
Christmas afternoon, APR started up, again, asking about his brother, his mother, and his father.  I was not quite sure what to do.  I told him that his brother had been dead for many years, that his mother had been dead since 1978.  The look on his face broke my heart.  I decided right then and there that I would just lie about it.  I can't do that to him again.

The beauty of Alzheimer's is that he forgot about it, a little while later.  We opened presents, and that was that.  He was not near as with it this year as last.  It is quite obvious this will be the last year we really have him.  

The strange thing about this horrible disease is the fact that you grow accustomed to it.  You simply grow accustomed to the fact that it will never be better.  You learn to take each day as it is, and try to look for the humor in it.  And - there is a heck of a lot of humor - at times.

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