Friday, October 18, 2013

The Battle of Tortillia (Chip) Flats

Sarah Catherine Garland 11/16/2012
One of the truly annoying, and eventually terribly unhappy parts of Alzheimer's, when you get into late Stage 4, is the fact that the person who has it, regresses to the stage of a 4 year old - a very spoiled, annoying, willful 4 year old.   It's a very selfish disease.  The sufferer becomes, like a toddler, completely self centered. 

Case in point:  Yesterday we were having lunch at Comel, one of the best Mexican eateries I've ever found.  My father was double dipping his salsa.  My mother caught him.  She told him not to do it, that he new better.

He threw his chip down on the table, leaned back, arms folded across his chest.  "Well, I just won't eat another one, if that's the way you're going to treat me."

She was going to relent. I told her not to. He didn't have another chip, unless he thought we weren't watching, then he double dipped!

My friend Sharon was telling me about Nick, who is much farther along than APR.  She said he would drive her crazy doing things like that.  Her children never did these things, they were too well behaved. 

FYI:  He ate his entire meal.

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