Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Don't Let Me Drool

APR and Steve's Duesenberg
The big discussion the past few days is been whether to tell APR or not.  I've been pushing that he needs to know what is going on.  My mother and sister are of the other school.

This morning he asked if he had Alzheimer's.  My mother told him that he did.  He said that was fine, he knew something was wrong.  He told her he was not going to withdraw from life until he started drooling. 

He said he did not want to hide, but to keep going places, seeing things, and doing things.  This has been my philosophy from the moment I knew what we were fighting. 

Now the war begins.

At least my mother has some peace abut things.  For the past week APR has been very lucid.  He even gave me directions to the a shop here in town.  He has a problem late in the evening - Sundowning - they call it. 

It's life.

We're treating it like the disease that it is, not a cultural stigma. 

Now, bring on the B-12

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  1. So sorry about your father! This is something I have had no experience with. Daddy died at 63 and mother never had any kind of dementia even though she lived to be nearly 101. I hope your father can stay active and I know you are giving him lots of love. I have been having a difficult time also. My little 9 year old dog had to have a tumor removed and I spent about a week nursing her. The tumor was benign and she is doing well now. God takes care of all the little beasties. At the same time my computer got a virus and had to be picked up for repairs. For awhile I was holding my breath to see what the mighty Mississippi was going to do. I live about 60 miles from the mouth of the river. They told us if New Orleans flooded it would flood a hundred miles on each side of the river. They flooded many acres of agricultural land to prevent New Orleans and Baton Rouge from flooding. Now that I can take a deep breath hurricane season is starting. I still remember you and your family in my prayers. Hold on, even though your heart is sore. When Jesus said our sorrow would be turned into joy, he didn't mean that joy would replace the sorrow, but that we could build a new spiritual life on the foundation of that sorrow, which would bring us joy because it would bring us closer to God. God bless you!