Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doctors, Diagnosis, and Possible Surgery

APR and Sadie July 1, 2011
My father has had a physical problem that has been getting more and more serious.  We went to LC today for an appointment with the urologist.  The morning, before the parents' left the house, he mentioned that he wondered if he was having a recurrence of a hernia that plagued him 70 some years ago.  Low and behold - he is absolutely correct!

He was a little cranky today at times, but not bad.  When he went into the doctor's exam room, my mother told them that he had Alzheimer's.  According to the nurse practitioner, if she had not mentioned it, they would not have noticed it.  The new medication is working, wonderfully!

The only problem we usually have is directions - and oye!  He never did do directions well.  We won't talk about the last trip to Illinois, and his attempt to read a map (and that was before the Alzheimers!)

I can't get over how well he did this past week during the fire there in the Valley. So far it has burned a little over 100,000 acres, and everyone's nerves - everyone but him.  He's been great, with it, following the storyline, keeping up, the whole nine yards.

We must keep remembering that we are living on "borrowed time".

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