Monday, July 18, 2011

No Knife!

Patriotic Sadie!
It looks like there will be no surgery!  The cardiologist nixed it.  "No knife unless there is an emergency!"  That takes care of that!

APR was a little fuzzy on Friday when we went to Las Cruces to the cardiologist.  It was a long, hot day - miserable!  He had directional problems, he was tired.  Did okay on the other things, though.  He was late for his appointment.  He just did not want to get ready to leave.

It took several days for him to catch up and not be so tired. 

We've noticed when he is tired he gets fuzzy.  His directions get bad.  We also learned there is a direct correlation to having a bad evening and not doing well in the mornings.  So, now we know not to plan early morning functions and doctor's appointments. 

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