Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Dog Ate My Hearing Aid and Other Excuses

Sadie, Before the Crime
My father was surfing on one hearing aid.  Several years ago one was lost somewhere between Sierra Vista and Tombstone on a rainy July 2 evening.  He was doing okay until Fred cat-napped the remaining one and did his thing with it.  Last Wednesday we went to Alamo to see what could be done with it.  They were able to repair it!  For free no less!


That night Sadie found it.  The following morning, when they were finally able to find the hearing aid, nothing remained of it but some chewed parts. 

So, the Alzheimer's wouldn't be so bad, but he now hears squat!  It is rather humorous.  Today he caught several things wrong.  Just rough. 

This whole thing with the price of hearing aids is so wrong. 

We went to LC yesterday to his urologist.  Got good reports there.  He's still having problems with the planter's wart on his foot, but we take that as it goes.

He is so looking forward to their 60th Anniversary.

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