Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fire, Fire

Sunday afternoon some dimwit was burning trash in a sustained wind of at least 30MPH, with about 15% humidity, in an area where fire restrictions were already in place. 

You guessed it - voila! 
 Up in Flames!
To date 10,000 acres, 5 homes, and shattered nerves (mine among them).

The View From My Front Door on Sunday!
My father is having a difficult time grasping the geography of the situation.  He's not quite sure if where I live has been harmed by fire.  When I talked to him today, he wanted me to check out the house and see if it were alright.  Where was I staying?  Would I stop in to see he and my mother when I headed home?

They were up here on Sunday, to evacuate Rums, who is enjoying his evacuation, hanging with Princess Sadie.  He saw the flames that were maybe 100 feet or so from my complex.  I think that may be confusing him.

It is so sad.  He knows he's confused, says he is, but doesn't quite figure it out.  He's not had a good week.  It's primarily a directional thing.  He just doesn't "get" where he's living.  I'm beginning to believe he thinks we're traveling.

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