Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another Princess Sadie Glamor Shot!
I think my mother and I have learned something about my father's condition.  The more he is around people he knows (besides us), and out and about, the better he does.  We went to Roswell on Friday.  He did quite well, very with it.  They went out with their friends today after church.  He enjoyed it, did quite well there.

My mother would be a recluse if allowed.  Her reclusive tendencies are not good for either she nor my father.  Now the idea is to keep them doing stuff, meeting people, and interacting with their friends. 

Yesterday I went down to SP to pick up the things I'd sent home with the parents when those fires were raging around my condo.  Some of the things had been put in the storage building.  My mother suggested APR bring my Durango around so we could load it.

It took forever.  When he finally arrived (a block across the yard) he pulled in between the building and the property fence.  My mother would not allow him to drive on her attempts at growing grass, so he had to back out, between the building and the fence. 

We have realized there is now a problem with judgment - and that's why he's not allowed to drive on the highway.

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