Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Current Events

A Poodle's Thanksgiving
I find so unusual the way this disease works on my father's brain.  There are some things he doesn't quite get anymore.  He still is in denial about Ruidoso.  But there are other things that are fine.  He's quite obsessed with the 2012 election and getting rid of Obama.  Just who is going to run against him.  He's doing well with current events, politics. 

When the parents' came into town today, APR assured my mother that he had locked one of the back doors.  He did not.  Now she knows to go behind him and make sure everything is locked.

Now, if she could only get him to quit feeding Sadie when she begs.  The dry-cleaner swears Sadie is his best customer.  She throws up at least twice a week on the down comforter.  There are allegations that she is getting a kickback from the cleaner!

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