Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tuesday, Gary Lynch, a very nice realtor came out to look at some property my parents want to sell.  My father responded quite well.  But, I must admit, all of this is making me angry and resentful.

I am furious that he is getting this way.  Sally sent the link to a wonderful article about someone several years older than he.  The gentlemen is quite vital, busy, and doing something with his life.

Now I know how Michael Reagan must have felt, watching the great man who was his father slip away a little more each day.  It was tragic watching Grandy and his lack of short-term memory.  I don't know which is worse.

We live in a modern world.  It is not suppose to be this way.  We have modern medicine and modern medical marvels.  People don't have arteries that harden.  There are medications that stop it.

I am angry.

I keep wondering if my father had more outside activities would he be this way?  Would this have happened?

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