Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lost in New Mexico

The reason my father is no longer allowed to drive is because the little TIA stroke and the arterial problems seem to be really centered on directions.  There are times when he completely blanks Ruidoso.  I don't know if it sub-conscious, and editorial comment, or that little section of the brain is scrambled.

We had dinner tonight at The Great Wall.  He did okay.  During the reception that followed the funeral of Alicia's mother, Josie brought him a couple ham sandwich triangles and she shared a bite of brownie with him.  He was begging for something sweet.  Seems like all the candy, cookies, and desserts were fed to the deer yesterday - depriving him of sugar comfort at home.  When we reached The Great Wall, he did the old, "I'm not hungry" thing.

My mother made him get a half order of schezwan steak.  He ate it all, save for his water chestnuts.  Not bad.  Then again, Nana visited with him, and that helped.  He interacted, complaining that we weren't letting him drive.  Nana told him about her father and Ryan's father.  I don't know if it helped or not.

On the way home he started the same thing he's been doing in town - where are we?  Are we on 123 (a reference to the road from Seneca to Greenville.  I explained we were in Ruidoso.  After I made a stop in Sonic for iced tea, and pulled out, he realized we were in Ruidoso Downs.

After that, he was fine. 

He had a great time visiting with friends.  That really helped today.

The driving thing is hard.  It's sad.  Finally Nana said something about insurance costs if he was told not to drive (her son Glenn, is our insurance agent).  We both told him if he were to drive and someone were to hit him, it would be a disaster.  Then Nana mentioned the fact that if he were told not to drive, and he wanted to do so, his insurance rate would go way up, terribly expensive.

Miss Scarlet, the Drag Queen
That took care of it!  It reminded me of Grandy and the way my mother would get him to take his medications.  He would refuse.  She would tell him fine, he paid for it, so she would just throw it out, it wasn't her money.  He took it quickly, so he wouldn't waist money!

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