Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost in Las Cruces

Thinking back on how long the problems with APR's memory have been effecting him, we've started comparing notes.  He has had something of a problem with directions for quite some time.  Last year I noticed problems, but just rather left it alone. 

I have a friend, Sharon, who is dealing with a spouse and dementia.  She said that it took awhile to realize they had a problem.  By then there were serious problems because of the dementia.

Tummy Rub, Sydney Style!
Perhaps the mistake we've made is not acknowledging that APR has had a problem with directions for several years. Hindsight is such a remarkable tool.  It does no good. 

I knew there was a problem with directions.  His problems have been on display in Las Cruces when he would ask, repeatedly, about streets, directions, locations.  I never thought we would eventually be dealing with such a severe problem.  By the time the directional deficiencies began appearing, tests had already eliminated dementia and Alzheimer's. I just put it down as old age.  He's never been good at directions. (There was the legendary short cut to Minnesota that took us at least a day and a half longer.)  He may have been a ship's navigator during WWII, but can't read a map worth a hoot!

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