Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does Anyone Have $5.00

APR and Hondo Yesterday
One of the things that really bothers me about all of this is the fact that really bothers me is the fact that there is absolutely no hint of any sort of dementia, Alzheimer's, or degenerative brain disease in my father's genealogy.  I should know.  I've wasted 20 years of my life working on it.  It's just not there.  I've gone back, straight line, almost unbroken, for at least 600 years.    His family does have a history of strokes, but those who have them don't reach his age.

It's terribly frustrating, for all of us.

Yesterday, Ray was doing some work on my father's beloved old tractor.  My father needed to pay him, something like fifty bucks.  He had forty-five.  We've been very careful, lately, not letting him have much cash simply because he's not as careful as he once was.  We came up with the five dollars.  Going outside, my mother was in tears.  He was so happy.

Lesson learned.

From now on we make sure he gets his cash, and has some in his wallet.  I'll take care of that on Monday.  We need to be careful because he's so easily duped.

Then there is the former business associate who calls and constantly upsets him, trying to get stuff done.  It is almost like he has little strokes when this happens.  He gets terribly upset, and no matter what we tell this person, he just doesn't get it.   He's treating my father like dirt.

I had an email from some dear friends, Jeff and Caroline.  Jeff reminded me of something we've not been doing like we should be with my father.  It's another lesson learned.    We've all been so wrapped up in our own misery and heartache with this, that I know I've not considered how my father feels about what is going on with him. 

What would we do without friends like Jeff and Caroline?

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