Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Having One's Head Examined!

APR and Rachel
Last Wednesday we went to Las Cruces for the CT scan on my father.  He kept asking why he was going, and I kept telling him he was getting his head examined.  I wrote about the day on my main blog, The Pink Flamingo.  The border patrol stop was quite interesting.

There are moments when he is foggy.  They seem to coincide to the times when he is under quite a bit of stress. He is also foggy when he's tired.  I continue to find fascinating the fact that he is rarely foggy when it comes to the news, elections, and current events. 

He's interested in my iPhone.  Maybe we can get him into one.  I think it would help him remember things.

On Monday my sister called.  She wanted to know why her father was so depressed.  That's simple.  He was planning on having Ray come down and play on the tractor, cutting the orchard.  He couldn't get his way, so he was pouting!

Tuesday, when we went to Las Cruces for another doctor's appointment he did really well, then sort of lost it on the way home. 

It's been a good week, I think.  His eating is much better - as long as he gets what he wants to eat!

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