Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a Good Day

With Dustin - 2007
The past few days have been quite fuzzy.  Last night my father called and told me that he'd just learned that my sister was going to be living in Memphis.  He was a bit indignant when I told him that she's been there for years.

Today the parents went to lunch with the Bloodworths.  He ate a good lunch, which is part of the battle.  Then again, my mother did not allow him to have a salad.  I don't mind admitting I'm a little annoyed with her over his eating.  When my grandparents were his age, and very picky about what they were eating, she let them have what they wanted to eat, when they would eat.  Not my poor father.  She is the Food Police.  Part of the problem is what is going on in his head.  The other problem is his age.  When people hit a certain point, they don't eat near what they did.  He's lost a lot of weight an has managed to shrink his stomach.  He just doesn't eat as much as he once did....unless it is cookies, candy, peanuts, etc.

When I talked to him this afternoon, he sounded good.  He was giving my mother a rough time when they bought gas at Circle K - heckling her about her driving.  I have a feeling this is not about his problems but revenge for those years when she constantly was on his case as he drove!

He called a little while ago, sounded his old pitiful self. 
No nap.
The you know what had hit the fan.
He was in trouble, and would join Sadie in the doghouse.

My mother called.  I asked her what was wrong.  He'd broken two of her hummingbird feeders (also not related to his problem).  She made him fix them.  He had to help her with the cats.  He had no Sunday nap.

I told her he sounded like his old self.  He'd been having a very good day, had a great visit with Hal.  It just goes to prove my point. He does better when he is out with people, not stuck there in the house.

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