Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'll Pick Up the Mail

Sadie Has a Sitter Tonight.  Hope She's Okay!
My father has been doing fairly well this week.  We went to Las Cruces on Tuesday for an appointment for a foot problem with him.  He did great.  Then, as the week progressed, things have slowed down a bit.

He was fuzzy last night, a bit.

Today he called about 11AM told me he would pick up the mail on the way into town with my mother.  He called back about 10 minutes later to tell me the same thing.

When we had lunch he was okay, but not great.  Is fussing because he is not allowed to drive.  My mother is battling him over food.  I'm not sure how much is his problem and how much is the fact that he is pushing 87 and his taste has changed.

This evening my mother did the ER thing.  Is now in ICU waiting for some tests.  APR is with me at the condo.  He did great at the hospital.  Was hungry.  I took some cheese and crackers with me, which he ate.  Ate some soup at the condo.  Not much, but a little. 

We're having a problem with him and his blood sugar levels in the morning.  I need to be concerned about that.  I'm concerned about my mother and a test she needs in the morning.

By the time I talked him into going to bed, he was quite confused.  Thought it was Cathy that was in the hospital.

Major test for him scheduled on Wed.  I would sure love to wait a couple weeks and have Cathy go with them.

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