Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Answer the Phone When I Call So I Know It is Working

My father has never been known as a techie, not by any stretch of the imagination.  There have been times that I've threatened to get him a cell phone that was basically 2 empty tomato cans and string.   This is enough background to understand the technical expertise that is going on in his head.

When we picked my mother up at the hospital yesterday afternoon (she has an ulcer and the new blood thinner caused a bleed), he left his cell at my condo.  I did not go back to get it.

His day began at 7:30 Sunday morning when he decided to go check on her.  She was having both ends scoped allegedly at 8AM.  She calls me around 8AM, says that he is dressed in the same clothes he'd been wearing for 3 days, and was going to walk to the hospital.  I finally get him to understand that the doctor was late, she would not be having the test until at least 10AM.  So - go have a nap.

APR and Doc Annala
I got him moving about 10:30.  Made him change into something less comfortable, including clean unmentionables.  He was quite spiffy in his black and white checked slacks, black loafers, black socks (little argument there, black silk shirt.  Looked good.  Why not, he was going to have lunch with his 'girl friend'.

My father and Cathy Annala are buds.  They have near the same birthday, celebrate every year together.  We began referring to Cathy as my father's girlfriend years ago.  What we did not know was that the Annala family had begun calling my father, Cathy's boyfriend.  It is now just quite humorous for both families. 

He has a good visit with Doc and Cathy.  They drove him back to the hospital.  Doc noticed how completely confused he was with directions.  It was good for an additional party to notice this.

My sister have been complaining about their home phone being "transferred" to their cells, because the local cell is frequently down.  He transferred the phone back to the home phone (easily) yesterday afternoon. 

Then the discussion began about the regular land phone.  He called last night after my mother went to bed.  We went over, repeatedly, why he just needed to take the receiver to the bedroom, and not the whole blasted thing.


I fear I was a bit impatient with him.

I took his cell down to him today.  The cell tower near them had been repaired, and was working.  "Just let me call you on your mother's phone and answer it."

"But, I just used my Blackberry."

"I need to make sure it is working.  Just answer it."

He rang my mother's phone, I answered, and he was happy.

I need to be more tolerant.

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